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Fastnetmon Changelog

version: 2.0.276
  - Disabled memory validation for licenses
  - Added counters clickhouse_metrics_writes_total and clickhouse_metrics_writes_failed to track Clickhouse metrics writes
  - Added flag ipfix_parse_datalink_frame_section to control IPFIX parser logic which actually parses traffic
  - Added logic to identify templates with variable length encoding using template information

version: 2.0.275
  - Added santiy check logic for IPFIX field processing to prevent buffer overflow
  - Added sanity checks for memcpy() in Netflow v9 code to avoid buffer overflow
  - Added counter to track failures to decode Netflow v9 lite
  - Added TCP Flag encoded via two byte encoding
  - Added counter for IPFIX when we ahve very large chunks of data from wire
  - Fixed bug in ExecuteMailTest. We did send email only to first email but we must send it to all. Thanks to PVS
  - Added explict zerofication for UDP listener
  - Switched all exception to pass them by reference

version: 2.0.274
  - Enable kernel level sampling for mirror mode by default with rate 1:100.
  - Disable multi-thread processing as it is not compatible with sampling
  - Fixed bug with IPv6 flow spec logic being enabled by IPv4 flag
  - Added intilizers for some structures to zeroify them explicitly
  - Added missing return value check for malloc

version: 2.0.273
  - Added proper initalizers in BGP code and sFlow logic
  - Enabled one more warning type about non initlized values
  - Enabled -Wuninitialized -Winit-self for build system by default
  - Added initialization logic for bitfields in network parser
  - 'Added logic to set logging level with storage conf option: logging_level'
  - Effectively disabled all thresholds set to 0
  - Added different path for TLS root certificates on RedHat family
  - Increased GoBGP timeout to 10 seconds by default. For heavy operations like teable loading you we will use 60 seconds

version: 2.0.272
  - Enabled outgoing attack detection by default. Disabled remote attack detection logic when per_direction_hostgroup_thresholds set to true
  - Introduced per direction thresholds

version: 2.0.271
  - Added missing return for save_ipfix_sampling_rates_to_disk to address daemon crashes

version: 2.0.270
  - Enabled per protocol counters for IPv6 networks
  - Returned logic to maintain per protocol counters for IPv4 per network metrics
  - 'Added sampling rate cache for IPFIX and Netflow, use netflow_sampling_cache to enable it'
  - Extracted IPFIX and Netflow sampling rate update logic
  - Added explicit zeroify for Netflow structures

version: 2.0.269
  - Fixed bug with missing networks list for total hostgroups. We need to clean it only for per host

version: 2.0.268
  - Added logging logic to trace new hostgroup creation in details
  - Reworked per host hostgroups to new unified logic
  - Simplified locks for hostgroup lookup structure as we have no reasons to keep two locks
  - Updated resources to sync mongo configuration files change
  - Added quiet flag to reduce MongoDB verbosity
  - Added logic to cleanup FastNetMon caches for rpm based distributions
  - Added logrotate for fastnetmon logs on Debian and Ubuntu
  - Added logic to remove traffic counters dump during upgrade

version: 2.0.267
  - Reworked per network IPv4 traffic counetrs to use standard logic

version: 2.0.266
  - Added logic to serialize IPv4 networks
  - Added logic to serialize old IPv4 counetrs
  - Moved all IPv4 network counetrs to single structure
  - Cleanup of old style static counters
  - Added logic to load total traffic counters
  - Ported all metrics backend to new total counters code
  - Added logic to serialize total counters
  - Reworked total traffic counters
  - Added logic to remove traffic counters after load attempt
  - Added logic to store total hostgroups between restarts
  - Added logic to dump traffic to disk for IPv6 networks too. Unified dump logic
  - Unfied speed counters logic
  - Added logic to dump IPv6 per host counters to disk
  - Added fcli / API command save_traffic_counters
  - Implemented API endpoint to dump traffic to disk
  - Added logic to dump traffic on restart
  - Added logic to load speed calculation counters to disk
  - Added logic to store speed counters to disk
  - Added function to load traffic counetrs from disk
  - Added logic to serialize speed counters
  - 'Added logic to disable TLS certificate checks, it needed in some cases: email_notifications_disable_certificate_checks'

version: 2.0.265
  - Unified IPv6 logic for total hostgroups by introducing function
  - Improved total hostgroup logic for IPv4 by adding function to build it
  - Imporoved duplicate check logic for total hostgroups
  - Unified logic which adds global hostgroup
  - Unified total hostgroup creation logic
  - Added logic to unify parent logic for total hostgroups
  - Unified logic which adds new total hostgroups
  - Unified logic to lookup total hostgroups by id
  - Unified IPv6 path for total hostgroup lookup
  - Unified logic for getting total hostgroups by name
  - Flipped logic for lookup_tree_32bit_with_payload_t and lookup_tree_128bit_with_payload_t to avoid memory de-allocation by default for clarity